Set a default zoom for display of documents?

My principal use of DT3b6 is to file and organize a lot of documents used in my scholarly research, primarily .pdfs of articles and books. My display preference when searching and viewing these documents is “Zoom to Width”: I can easily drag the window to the best size for easy reading (these eyes are getting a little old) or use Moom to snap it to any of several predefined settings.

It would be a great help to me to have a way to set a default zoom setting that applies across all documents: Zoom to Width or Zoom to Fit, etc. Is this possible? Am I missing a setting somewhere that will accomplish this?


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With Automatically resize enabled in Preferences > Media > PDF Display, setting it to:

Single Page or Two Pages defaults to Zoom to Fit
Single Page Continuous or Two Pages Continuous defaults to Zoom to Width.



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