Devonthink to Go Premium

I upgrade to the premium Devonthink to Go based on the support for email but I’m lost as to how this feature is implemented. I don’t see any way to pull in/index emails. I can’t find any reference to this feature in the PDF manual either. Can anyone assist?

The Pro Pack does not allow you to import or index emails on iOS. It allows you to view emails in DTTG2.

How do you view the emails? I have Devonthink Pro. Is the Office version required to make them accessible to DTTG?

No. This has nothing to DEVONthink on the desktop. It has to do with being able to view the emails in DEVONthink To Go 2.

It means that you can view email messages that you added to your DEVONthink database on the Mac and synced to your device.