DEVONthink To Go - price of new version?

I have just bought a task manger app and I feel that dev has hit the sweet spot with pricing. You can purchase the app for £9.99 or subscribe for £8.99 a year to help support development.
I paid the £9.99 but so far I’m very impressed with his app and in a year will look at the subscription if the development continues well.
Wish more apps would have such a close pricing structure, maybe something like that could work for DTG3? Give people the one payment option and then offer a subscription also if people think they it’s really worth it.

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Heh, I forgot to add that I stopped using Setapp eventually, for a similar reason: there wasn’t anything I absolutely needed, and what I did, I had already bought or subscribed to.

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I’m also not a fan of subscriptions, although I understand why they make sense to developers. However, now there’s just too many. In subscription cases, my favorite one so far has been Agenda. If you cancel the subscription, you keep the app with updates as of that time. I really like Agenda, but many of their latest updates aren’t of use to me. I will gladly resubscribe when I see that it’s worth from my end, as I also want to support their work.


On everyone’s mind → are we there yet? still waiting


I would suggest that if we are still waiting it follows that we are not there yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


DTTG3 is still in beta, not RC, according to this comment :frowning:

DEVONsave shortcut works only once in iOS 14 - #23 by BLUEFROG

My interpretation of the comment above is still an unsubstantiated rumour based on specific assumption, maybe DTTG3 will drop tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

Please rename this thread as DevonThinkRumours, it will be more adequate :slight_smile:

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ToGo must be 1 of slowest development in ios history. Orphan files everywhere \ no dark mode :-1:

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Oh what a discussion! As with all other software: the company decides the release date, the price and the amount of Information the will provide.
Be patient and simply wait.


Huuraay! We have new app in the app store!


One time upgrade purchase of $19.99, or a sub starting in August, but it doesn’t say how much. Also, can’t find what the sub gets you over the one time purchase. Is this info located somewhere?

The intro period doesn’t extend automatically. You can choose again after the free half year.


The subscription can be done as a yearly or monthly purchase. There are no extra features with a subscription.


Oh My Gosh! Now instead of complaining/guessing/speculating/wishing about the “price of the new version”, you now have put the onus on us to DECIDE for ourselves. I can’t stand it. :wink:


Just wanted to pop in and say it is an absolute delight that you have allowed your customers to choose between a one-time purchase and a subscription model. DT reputation as a customer-focused company is warranted. Now I have to get work done today instead of playing with DTTG3!


Bluefrog is the iPad purchase a separate purchase to the iPhone purchase for those who upgrade?

Just to be sure I understood correctly:
I am already using DTTG (as well as the Mac version).
If I want to switch to DDTG 3, I have the choice between

  • pay once $ 19.99
  • take a subscription

I intend to choose the first solution.
Does the subscription bring something more?

Thanks in advance.

There is everything written in DTTG3 section in Apple store

prices for Europe:

  • 43.99 € for one time purchase for people who will buy first time
  • 21.99 € for people who upgrade
  • 0 € for half a year for people who own DTTG2 but want to try (then they need to decide)
  • 16.49 € yearly for subscription
  • 1.99 € Monthly for subscription

As @BLUEFROG has written:

The subscription can be done as a yearly or monthly purchase. There are no extra features with a subscription.

All the features available when choosing any option are on par for now, and probably until DTTG4 or even later :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your response …
I’m happy :wink:

I was able to upgrade on iphone, but I am not seeing the opportunity to upgrade on ipad. Can we only upgrade a single device?

No. If you purchased an upgrade, it applies to the other iOS devices.
Ideally, DEVONthink 2 is installed still and launched before launching version 3. This will ensure showing the discounted options for 3.

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