DEVONthink To Go slow PDF editing

Is it just me or is PDF editing way too slow on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil?

If it is just me, is there anything I can do to speed it up?

I highlight with my Pencil (or any other markup) and there is about a five second delay before it shows.

Thanks for sharing any thoughts or ideas.

I don’t have a problem highlighting on either size iPad Pro. What version of DTTG2 do you have installed? I had problems with iPad Pro 12.9" freezing during annotation prior to 2.0.8.

I don’t have a problem, it works perfectly. It’s just the delay between when I highlight something and five seconds later it shows the highlight.

I have the newest version, 2.0.8.

I agree it was slower before… but I was hoping the new version would be better than it is.

I have a 12.9" iPad Pro with Wifi and Cellular, Model ML3K2LL/A.

All of my other PDF annotation apps show simultaneous highlighting, just like a real pen would do. Only DEVONthink to Go is slow.

Since you aren’t having a problem, I guess it’s just me. I’ll email support. Thanks!

You might send them a PDF sample for Support to test. Reboots also help 8)

Well, you inadvertently solved it. Seriously! Thank you!!

I couldn’t send an exact copy of a PDF because they are confidential records. So I attempted to take one and redact out the confidential information. When I did so it stripped out the OCR. So I used DEVONthink Pro to OCR it, and voilà, problem solved. I tried other documents that I just OCRd in DEVONthink and changed nothing else, and they work perfectly fine within DEVONthink ToGo now, as well. So, that was it.

So, the cause problem is that I had an automated setup that every PDF downloaded to a certain folder was OCRd by ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac (latest version). Apparently, in spite of the fact that DEVONthink apparently uses the ABBYY engine internally, the mobile version doesn’t like it pure!

Now my solution is to just upload everything to DEVONthink and OCR within DEVONthink and it all works perfectly well!

Thanks for leading me to the solution, I wouldn’t have found it otherwise.

Love the product!!!

Thanks - and we’re glad korm assisted in getting you on the path! :smiley: