Devonthink To Go support for Pocket (aka "Read it Later")

I would like to suggest that DTTG starts supporting receiving pages saved in “Pocket” app for iphone/ipad (formerly “Read it Later”). I asked their team to support Devonthink to Go and got this reply:

We have an API that Devonthink To Go could use to integrate with us. We’ll add them to our list to reach out to, but certainly wouldn’t hurt for you to ping them with the integration request as well.
Thank you,

So here I am. :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance.


It would be great if we could find articles on the web, send them to Pocket to be read later. Once the article has been read in Pocket, we could export it to DevonThink for long term storage, AI, etc.

Thanks for mentioning. Noted as a feature request!

I’d like to support this. Pocket is not only the best off line reader at the moment but it has the ability to tag those things that you are clipping — ideal for integration with DT I should think!

I would also request support for Pocket for DTTG and DEVONthink in general; this is the main reason why I have not bought DTTG. I often use an RSS reader then save articles of interest to Pocket. I then have to manually go through them to add to my database.