Devonthink to go uses up too much space on my iphone

Hi there,

like the title says.
Devonthink To Go takes up 6GB on my iPhone.

Is there a way to bulk locally remove files from Devonthink To Go or can this only be done file by file?

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Jonas Greulich

The reported space is not just your files. It also includes Spotlight metadata, thumbnails, the searchable text index, and support files.


Yes, I know.

But still there are a lot of local files in Devonthink To Go in the “downloaded” smartgroup.
If i want to get rid of most of them, how can I manage that?
do I have to do it one by one or is there another way?

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Except from the Global Inbox, if you long press a document, you can select “Purge” to remove it locally.

And you can select how many “last” documents remain stored in your DTTG: from root folder, press the rightmost icon (the one with sliders in the icon) and you can find a slider below Schedule sync to keep last 100 items to all of them.

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