DEVONThink To Go Version 3.2 - release notes

Looks great, feels great, many thanks!

I was reading the release notes of DTTG to check if there is any hint for a bug and a potential problem to be fixed, in case you remember:

  1. Is the problem fixed that requires to enable Spotlight indexing?
    If not, the tag search and probably other things do not work.

I did not dare to test this.

  1. There can be a problem with encrypted databases
    When filling them from an iDevices, the database can get filled up, which leads to corruption.

Is there already any way for DTTG to see the and honor the maximum size for such a database?

Many thanks!

My thoughts:

  1. my preference is usually to sort group by name ascending but sort the files within group by date added - descending. before now, it was annoying to switch back and forth. Now it appears to work much faster (and even appears to keep the sort preferences how i like them but i haven’t tested this thoroughly.

  2. i like using tags and I still prefer the tag inspector on the mac app (and would like to see the same on DTTG), but at least now you can filter tagged files. And with the previous version it didn’t appear to refine tag search when searching multiple tags, but that now appears to be fixed. overall a definite improvement re tags

  3. hopefully we will see further improvements and one day custom smart groups. This release appears to be a step in this direction.

The size of encrypted databases on various computers might actually vary. The databases could even be unencrypted on some computers. However, for quite a while DEVONthink 3 checks the disk space before adding files to the database, therefore this shouldn’t be an issue any longer. Or did you experience this lately?

Yes, this should be fixed.

Ah. I did not think about different sizes… or even about the same database being not encrypted on another device… not even sure how this could be dine, but then, I only have 1 Mac :sweat_smile:

I did not test this and was very cautious to not fill up any database.

Great, many thanks - going to disable this on all iDevices again.
One after the other and making tests with the search…

finally, after years, I‘m able to sort search results - but no longer using DT, so, maybe we see us again sometime…

What are you using instead?

Thanks a lot for amazing DTTG update! New features are really a joy to use.

Question on search: when i use a search window, now there is a great option to sort e.g. based on type. Now, I do not see a way to delete multiple files from search results if I wanted. The only way is to click on every file and select “Move to trash”. I would be great to have a multi-item select menu allowing to conduct all the files operations from search on multiple files at the same time (like “move to trash”).

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Thanks for the kind comments.

Multi-select in a search may be coming in a future releasex