DevonThink To Go with 4th Gen iPad

Hi folks -

Anyone else trying to use DevonThink To Go using a 4th Gen iPad? The app is barely usable (incredibly sluggish), but I do not think it is the app’s fault - I think it is the old CPU on the old iPad. Can anyone else confirm? I may have to upgrade may hardware…


Version 2.0.4 will be more responsive and will be probably available next week. In addition, how large are your databases (see menu File > Database Properties) and how many tags do they contain?


The database is 3.2 GB. I do not use tags.



File size isn’t the best descriptor of DEVONthink database size.

A database consisting of plain text documents may well be three or four orders of magnitude larger than one that holds PDF or WebArchive documents with lots of images, even though both have the same file size. In this example, the plain text database could have a thousand to ten thousand times the number of total words contained in the PDF database!

Because DEVONthink works with words, in that example the plain text database will require much greater memory resources than the PDF database. That’s important as a potential affect on performance, so it’s often the most important single measurement of database size. Another important (though usually less important than total words) measure can be the total number of documents in a database.

When we ask about the size of your database, take a look at File > Database Properties (in the corresponding Mab database). You will find there information that’s more relevant than database file size.

Of course, file size can also be important, especially as iOS devices typically have less file storage space than do current Macs (my MacBook Pro has 500 GB, my iPhone 6s+ only 64 GB). I’ve got a set of DEVONthink databases on my Mac that is too large to try to shoehorn onto my iPhone. Performance degrades when unused storage space gets small.


Thanks for the explanation. I have attached a screenshot of the database properties.


Stuff — Database Properties DEVONthink Pro Office, Today at 9.24.28 AM.png

This is not an unreasonable database. Please try version 2.0.4 when it’s out and let us know if it works better for you.