DevonThink to Go WORKFLOW - PDF scrolling

Hi all,

3 ongoing issues with DT2GO PDF-viewer workflow :slight_smile:

The first:
When I increase the zoom on my iPad to read a PDF and then scroll to the next page the PDF reverts back to the default zoom/view. So, every time I scroll to a new page, I have to manually zoom in again. Why does it change? Ahhhh! :slight_smile:

Second (related):
As far as I can tell there is no “continuous” scroll of PDFs. In Settings>Documents there’s an option for “Continous” scrolling. I have it turned on. It doesn’t work, right? Whenever you scroll to the next page, the PDF viewer jumps and you can’t see what you were just reading… How to enable scroll?

Related to the second issue. When I’m viewing a PDF sometimes it’s in a single page viewing orientation (like the image in the first issue). Then, when I switch to my email or lock the screen and then return to DevonThink2Go, the PDF viewer is in a double-page viewing orientation. I didn’t change a thing. The app flips between a single page and a double page frequently.

Thank you!!! Love DT!

After set to Continuous, you must close and reopen the PDF to make it work.

However, some PDF have pages of different sizes, and then you only can manually zoom each page.