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It’s really a limitation of the iOS, not DEVONthink To Go. As Bill mentioned, DEVONthink To Go has as much support for RTF documents as is possible on iOS. Plain text documents can be created in DEVONthink To Go, converted to RTF(D) on the Mac if needed, and synced back to DEVONthink To Go for read-only viewing. Writers needing a more rich writing environment on the iOS are still going to need to work in Documents To Go, Pages, etc., until Apple decides to add full RTF(D) support on iOS.

One nice feature of DEVONthink To Go is that it can send a Word document directly to Documents To Go where it can be edited, saved to a new document, and then Documents To Go can send it back to DEVONthink To Go. I assume that the same process will work with Pages documents but I haven’t tested that combination.


may be a silly question, but is it true that it will only be possible to sync via WiFi?

I hoped to be able to sync via cable because I often work in regions where I cannot get WiFi to connect my Mac with the iPad — but I could always take the cable with me.


Syncing is W-Fi only. Whenever you are working in a region that does not have Wi-Fi available, you could always set up an ad-hoc, computer-to-computer network to sync. I’ve never needed to do this myself, but from reading what others have to say about it, apparently it is a pretty painless process. There is a tutorial on the Agile site that explains the steps-a Google search will turn up more info if needed.


Thanks for your reply. It is a pity and I would ask DT to add the possibility to sync via cable.

As for the ad-hoc network, I checked the site, but it seems to need a WLAN environment. This is what I often do not have.

No solution for people without WLAN than to copy the documents themselves and wait for an upgrade of DT to Go?

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Your Mac doesn’t have wireless capability?

Also see:

Question about sync method

Oh, foo… another potentially useful public topic stuck under the private Beta subforum. :frowning:


sjk, thanks for the link. Unfortunately – private, no access. So I cannot comment.

Greg, my Mac has wireless capability, and it works nice when there is a network in the air. But, there is none in most places I live. (To be honest, I was quite happy about it and do not know whether I should wish to have networks around, but have to admit, they are comfortable).

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So, the question is still unanswered…

Maria, if you’ll take another look at the link I posted, you’ll see that, while it is targeted to troubleshoot typical Wi-Fi networks, it has all the information to create your own ad-hoc network. No, you will not be able to access the Internet, check email, but it is perfect for creating a computer-to-computer/iPad/iPhone network for syncing, file sharing, etc.

DEVONthink To Go 1.0 will be W-Fi only.

  1. Click on your wireless icon in the menu bar
  2. Scroll past the list of wireless networks and click “Create Network…” (second item from the bottom)
  3. Enter a name and an optional password
  4. Your wireless icon will change from the normal highlighted bars, to a gray “pizza slice” with a little monitor icon on it
  5. On your iPad, go to the network settings, and join the network you created

Basically, your mac is capable of serving up its own wireless network, even if none already exists. You can use it to do a lot of things, like share a wired internet connection, or as in this example, create a network for other devices to join to enable wifi-based synching.

If your mac has a functioning wifi card then you can do this! No preexisting network required.
Screen shot 2010-09-21 at 9.59.06 AM.png

Padillac, Greg,

Thank you so much. This is more than fine. Makes exchanging data so much easier in other cases as well.