DevonThink To Go

I ran across this page, but am wondering why DevonThink To Go is not in the app store. Anyone else able to purchase it?…to-go/index.html

DEVONthink To Go is currently in private beta. Here is the most recent, detailed blog post that Eric posted on the app.

Will devonthink to go include mobileme support, or is that a different story?

I surely hope that MobileMe/iDisk is ditched in favor of Dropbox, which offers several advantages:

  1. It is free
  2. It is more reliable
  3. It is faster
  4. It is faster (thanks to delta syncing)
  5. Did I say it’s faster?

The Basic (2GB) account is free; Pro 50 and Pro 100 are paid.

DEVONthink To Go will synch with documents in a Mac DEVONthink (or even DEVONnote) database, in which one has designated the documents to by sent to the mobile device by placing them in a new “Synch” group within the database. Multiple databases on the Mac can be synched to the mobile device.

In the 1.0 release of DT To Go, synch is by WiFi, where both the Mac and the mobile device are on the same network. This will allow one to select the database content to be shared, whether in whole or in part, depending on the user’s needs, the database size and the storage space available on the mobile device.

devonthink admins,

I consider it is very important that you indicate in the DevonThink To Go section of your site, that it is still in beta, or waiting for app store approval (whichever), so that people don’t get all confused on whether the app is available or not yet. I guess you will make a big announcement when it is available, its just that I see myself going to your site and searching in the app store every day or so, since it is unclear the release status for your app.

Its fine to have the web site ready for action to display a product, but it is also of great importance to make sure that people don’t get confused on getting it.

In other words, remove the link of “go to the app store” to get it, and simply indicate something like “Soon to be available”.


Could you post a link to this? I’ve never seen a DEVONthink To Go section on the DEVON site, other than a link to Eric’s blog posts.

per your request: … index.html

I just was made aware of the page myself. You’ll notice that there is no link to the DEVONthink To Go page from the DEVON products page. I would think that DEVON created the page to have it ready when DEVONthink To Go is available for purchase and someone stumbled across it and posted a direct link to it.

Greg is correct. That unlinked DEVONthink To Go page is one of many things that must be done in preparation of the release of the app. It won’t be “real” until it is linked to from the DEVONtechnologies products pages.

Another step will be the release of the next free maintenance update (2.0.4) for the DEVONthink applications and DEVONnote, as that update will provide the “machinery” for synching with DEVONthink To Go. Both DEVONthink To Go and the 2.0.4 updates are being tested by beta test teams at this time.

No wine before its time: I sympathize with many users’ impatience for the releases, but it’s important to make the initial release of DT TG a useful tool. Remember also that when Eric and Christian are satisfied with that initial release, it must be sent to Apple for approval of posting on the App Store – and that procedure may take days or weeks.

Keep your eye on Eric’s Blog. When DEVONthink To Go becomes available on Apple’s App Store, you may be sure that the information will be posted there, as well as on the DEVONthink Home Page and by a Newsletter release.

Exactly. And I think your final comments are worth repeating, with additional emphasis:


I keep seeing notices that DEVONthink To Go will sync with documents from DEVONthink or DEVONnote. This may be a silly question, however, will DEVONthink To Go sync with documents from DEVONthink Pro? Are documents from DEVONthink Pro perhaps in a different format than DEVONthink or DEVONnote? If those documents are in a different format, can those documents be “down graded” to sync with DEVONthink To Go?

DEVONthink To Go will sync with all versions of DEVONthink Mac-Personal, Pro, and Pro Office.

Thanks for the notice, Greg!

Perhaps no one knows this yet, but I’m curious: if I have an .rtf document I’ve created in DTPO, and it has a .jpg image displayed in the body of the document, will I be able to see this document - with its embedded image - in To Go?

I ask, because MacJournal’s recently-released mobile app will not show images, just text.

JPG images imbedded in RTFD documents are displayed in DEVONthink To Go.

I have a question concernig rtf files. We know that DT makes a great use of rtf files. Many of us work exclusevely and heavely with rtf files. What is really strange about the iPad is that rtf files are not supported!!! You can read but, as far as I know, you cannot write or save files in this format. This is very odd.
What about DTtoGo?

Thanks for the great work.

Currently, rich text documents in a DEVONthink database can be synched to a mobile iOS device such as my iPad, and I can view them, including RTFD documents that contain images, tables, etc. But I can’t edit a rich text document, nor can I create a new one on the mobile device.

Note-taking is currently limited to plain text notes.

I would love to be able to create and edit rich text documents on my iPad. But that’s not a current feature of iOS, and I don’t know of any app that allows creation or non-destructive editing of rich text documents.

Let’s hope that Apple adds rich text as a ‘native’ file format in a future version of iOS.

Thanks for the answer.

This is an issue that amazes me. How it is possible that rtf files are not supported in the OS of the ipad? Strange. I see a limitation for DT to go. I hope, as you say, that Apple could solve the issue.