DevonThink ToGo PDF: always greyed out, never downloadable

Hi there,

So I’m trying to access old PDF documents stored in my DevonThink database (which is synced over Dropbox) using DevonThink ToGo 3.

On the iPhone, this works fine, the documents show up and are accessible.

However, on the iPad, I just get a greyed out download link with no visible UI affordance to actually download the document (see attached screenshot). More recent documents show up on the iPad too.

I’ve double checked that I have working network access (I am, after all, posting this from the very same ipad), and also I have made sure that dropbox is set up on the ipad. Help?

I can’t be sure from the image posted: have you checked that you have not only set up sync but that the database containing the document in question is also being synced? Have you made sure that a new document in that database appears on the iPad? (or are you only using one database, making this question moot?)

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@Blanc is astute.
The sync icon is gray in the bottom toolbar indicating one of these options…

  • a database isn’t set up to sync
  • a sync location has not been set up