DEVONthink URL schemata

I see documentation for the “x-devonthink-item://” URL schema used to find specific documents. I see mention in this discourse, of “x-devonthink://” URLs. Is this URL schema documented somewhere? I would like to create URL links using the second schema to perform ad hoc searches. I tried the following. I think that DEVONthink was given focus with an error sound when I clicked them.


I think it would be possible to use the item link schema, “x-devonthink-item://”, to link to a pre-defined smart group or smart rule?

In any case, is the “x-devonthink://” schema documented?

It’s in the DTTG manual and the enclosed help file of DTTG you can find here:

Page 45 describes “URL commands” (URL-schemes) in detail.


When I searched the built-in help I could not find anything. The same search of the stand-alone doc worked. If only the Apple Help searches were as powerful as DEVONthink searches. Heh. I had searched for “x-devonthink://”. I bet if I knew these were called “URL commands” I would have found them that way.

Thank you. :smile:

Help > Documentation > Automation > …

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Heh. Looks like I need to read through the documentation. :smile:

Absolutely you should! :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Hi All,
I am looking for the corresponding document detailing Devonagent Pro URL scheme commands and properties. Is there one?
Please, excuse my hijacking this DT thread.

There’s none. DEVONagent supports only AppleScript and Automator.

Take a look at Indexing help (or: macOS help viewer vs. DEVONthink

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