Devonthink version 4?

Question: Will there be further maintenance releases to DT 3 past .9 (current release) or should we be prepared here for DT 4?

Let me also say that I sincerely appreciate the development team’s dedication to this app. Each .x version has contained substantive improvements and features in addition to bug fixes, many of which have been in response to the community’s input.

I remember the transition from version 2 to version 3 and I was reluctant to make “the switch” because I had become so reliant on and familiar with the previous interface. But now I can say that DT3 was a fantastic redesign and upgrade and has been a game changer in terms of data collection, management, and analysis.



I’d imagine they the devs working on DEVONthink can count past 9 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But a bit more seriously, I’m pretty sure that even if there was a version 4 out today, there would continue to be support for version 3 for a bit until everyone is able to migrate over.


As you may remember, the last version numbers of version 1.x and 2.x were 1.9.16 and 2.11.3 respectively. Therefore no need to worry about version 4 in the near future, the next release will be 3.9.1.


there would continue to be support for version 3 for a bit until everyone is able to migrate over.

While it’s rare nowadays, I still field the occasional support ticket for DEVONthink 2.x running on older pre-Catalina Macs. While we ideally advocate newer machines, we also understand this isn’t financially feasible for everyone at all times.

But if someone is trying to keep running version 2.x on Catalina or later, sorry but they have to move to DEVONthink 3. :slight_smile:


Love it! I’m so happy DEVONthink is not on subscription model. Happy to pay for version 4 when it comes out.

My usage of DEVONthink comes in spurts. In moments I’m using it a lot. Currently, not using it much. It’s like my usage of Scrivener and Obsidian – comes and goes as my writing and research waxes and wanes. Such is life…at least for me…


I’m happy with the Devonthink product
It’s my only Digital File Cabinet, and I use it every day
I’m willing to pay for the ongoing support; one time purchase or subscription


I’m the same way. I have bought applications and not touched them for years and then suddenly start using them.

For example, I bought Final Cut Pro in 2020 and still haven’t gotten the chance to use it. If it was a subscription app, it would have been a complete waste of money. Since it isn’t, I still have a chance to make use if it before calling it a complete waste of money, :slight_smile:

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That is really great of the DEVONthink developers. You could have said no to that request because he/she is not generating money to your company (it has been many years since DT2 was released). But, you guys have a dedication that goes beyond money. You guys are examples for others to follow; very pleased to see helpful humans in a world filled with greed.


:heart: :smiling_face:
Thanks for the wonderful comments! We really appreciate it.
We logically need to be a profitable company, so we and our families can all eat and have a place to sleep :smiley: , but we strive to provide excellent support (in all its facets), even when it doesn’t end with someone opening their wallet or purse.

As I was taught long ago, to the good or bad, your reputation can always set you apart. This applies in life as well as in business.


My +1 or 2 cents or whatever for a/your/the great product!

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There will be a DevonThink 4? And will it better at taking notes? Will I be able to get rid of Obsidian? Please!

What note-taking features do you need Obsidian for?
For my use the current version of Devonthink addresses my note-taking requirements
I also use external editors like Apple Pages/Numbers for extended features

I probably shouldn’t reignite this old thread - further. But in short I would like to reduce my tool chain. I don’t use Pages I have no need for anything complicated, but it would be nice if DevonThink bolted a more frictionless note taking environment on the front of it. IMHO.

Until you get what you want (unstated, by the way) from DEVONthink, you can “bolt-on” any other note taking tool you prefer using DEVONthink’s “open with” feature.

Hard to understand your needs when you want more sophistication, yet at the same time no complication. Difficult to achieve.


DEVONthink’s primary task is info & document management and supports various file formats, even for note taking. Therefore it’s unlikely that it will ever be as sophisticated as external editors which are specialized for one format & note taking. But of course there will be improvements in the future.

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Thanks. Good to know. I am not looking for Bear level editing, but I would like to get rid of Obsidian. And use only DevonThink. That would require a reduction in the friction required to open a note, and start typing. I know I can use templates and lots of good stuff… but maybe a marriage, not just a relationship, between DevonThink and Drafts?

I hear you. I would love less friction. I would love a daily note capability to rival what I can do in Obsidian. But I think I should move this to a different thread.

What friction ?

OK. But be gentle. I have been using DevonThink as a repository for over a decade, but have only attempted a couple of times to make it the main focus of my note taking. And I am not complaining just pointing out points of friction. And I am talking about logging the day, journaling. Not long form writing. Friction is much more acceptable when we are writing longer pieces. But basically every time we use the mouse to access something friction is introduced.

A lot of my daily work is logged in a Daily Note. That note documents people I talk to, what we talk about, what projects get moved forward and how, along with new discoveries. It is all linked from the daily note. Right now that note is created and managed in Obsidian.

A lot of what goes on the daily note is from a Drafts (App) document that is pinned on every device I have. As I go through the day I enter the time (toolbar click), and whatever text needs to be added. I then move that note into the Obsidian Note and update whatever wiki-links I need to update.

To replicate this in DevonThink I created a template for the Daily Note and attached it to the toolbar, but every time I press the button I get a popup asking me if I want to import or install. I missed a step I think.

When I am in a note there is no keyboard shortcut for entering the time. And no keyboard shortcut for adding a web link. cmd+K is the usual in most apps. The pipe operator does not seem to be recognized e.g. [[This is a silly wiki-link|This is what people see]] - this maybe specific to Obsidian, but I thought it was basic MD. Same with image this syntax works ![[GJT-15_08_15-(L1004991)]], but ![[GJT-15_08_15-(L1004991)|200]] this does not. So large images blow out the note. It is not clear when images are pasted into the note from the clipboard. A couple of times the image disappeared so I am not sure if the image is imported, If I did something wrong, or if pasting images directly to a note is supported or not.

I downloaded CustomShortCuts, but it does not seem to read the DevonThink menu hierarchy correctly right now, so there is no way to create a shortcut for a simple time stamp. I downloaded WordService but takes a good couple of seconds to insert the timestamp and again there is no keyboard shortcut.

I am not sure I can access the Daily Note in DevonThink on iOS and iPad without syncing the whole notes database. Which for me right now is just short of 1GB Sparseimage.


It’s not, afaict. And given the current number of MD dialects, basic MD is fairly basic. Also, DT uses MultiMarkdown and obsidian is well known to „improve“ on MD with incompatible inventions.