DevonThink Web Server Timeout

Hi All,

While attempting to run (and use) the web server component of DevonThink, it loads and works, but the timeout (forcing a re-login) is brutally fast. I might even guess this is less than 5 minutes. This makes the web server completely unusable.

Is there a configuration file or a location somewhere I can edit the server timeout and make it something like an hour or two?

Which browser do you use? You shouldn’t notice this as long as the browser remembers the credentials or adds them to the keychain.

Hi cgrunenberg,

Thanks for the response. Sadly, it doesn’t answer the question. Hopefully the web timeout can be changed or exposed as a setting. If it can be done, please let me know how. Most major DBMS servers generally offer the ability to change these settings.

Saving the username and password in the browser does no obviate the need for timeout changes as the credential request is jarring firstly, and secondly it often resets to nothing in some scenarios. Also, in browsers like chrome, gaining access to these credentials can be easy and that’s bad from a security perspective.

Fact is, the aggressive session timeout makes the web server component highly unusable (and unacceptable) to users.

The next maintenance release will both revise the timeout handling and increase the timeout.