DevonThink WebServer - issues with "Download Document"

I have downloaded and installed the DTPO 150 hour trial & installed it on my MacMini to see how things operate. So far, I am very impressed. I have enabled the web-server and connected to it using a Windows 10 laptop. Mostly things are working as expected, except for operation of the “Download Document” button. Sometimes it:

  • does nothing when clicked
  • downloads the file selected
  • downloads the first file selected, and then repeatedly downloads that same first file when other files are selected for download

I have tried both FireFox and Chrome. My wife uses a Windows laptop so it is critical this operates correctly.

Any suggestions ?


Not seeing any issues here. Is this with any particular file types, or a particular database?

no specific file type; having problems with pdf, xlsx and docx

i have just repeated the tests browsing from my macbook (not the server) using Safari and am having the same issues

I am having issues with all document types; tested with pdf, xlsx and docx.
Also, just browsed from my MacBook with Safari and the same problems occur

As the downloads are zipped - how large are the documents?

all test documents tiny (<5kb)

interestingly I rebooted the Mac mini last night and today am rerunning my tests

  • all working fine !

really not sure what was happening yesterday but all is ok for the moment
I will monitor and report back if anything else breaks