DEVONthink Window Manager for Alfred

This is still in beta, but I think it works well enough.
It is an Alfred workflow for managing tabs and performing some tasks in DT3.

There are two places to start from:

  • dd → Select opened think windows (viewer win and doc win)
  • da → Select opened tab

Once you see the tabs, you can…
(open the link to see animated gif)

Use case

Let us say that…

  • I have two document windows open side by side, but I need one of the tabs in a different place. Instead of closing the tab in window A, and then find my way to open it in window B, I can just trigger the workflow, select the tab and attach it to the desired window.
  • I am editing a markdown record and I want to see the other records where I mentioned (or linked to) the current one without needing to trigger a search.
  • I am editing a markdown record in BBedit/MMD Composer → I can trigger the workflow, see the record open in BBedit/MMD Composer, find records that link to it and also open it externally (without ever needing to bring DT3s window to the front).


Dropbox | Github

Needless to say, I am not responsible if the workflow burns the house down. (Considering how hot MacBooks get these days, that isn’t so unlikely).


Nice thx.

At first I didn’t see the advantage over, say , but now I see it, you can refocus precise tabs of a DT window, something Witch can’t.

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Hello @Bernardo_V is the alfred workflow still available somewhere or was moved to a new location?

It is in the same repository, just with a different name. I should have shared the folder link, not the files. Living and learning.

Here it is:

That’s what we all hope for in here :slight_smile:

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