Devonthinkagent vs zotero or bookends

Does Devonagentpro replace zotero or bookends for searching for articles etc? Of course a bibliography manager would still be needed after the book is written but it seems that Zotero searches the web for articles similarly (but maybe not as well?) as Devonagent Pro.
What am I not understanding? Thank you,

Does Devonagent REPLACE … ???

–> Short answer … NO. Long answer … What field of study? For example …

  • Hard Physical Sciences / Engineering – Heck NO … use clients that are EZProxy compliant and tunnel through the services at your institute.

  • International Law – Perhaps … someone with insight should chime in.


–> The approach that is required to manage citations is distinct, as you have noted [ … Of course a bibliography manger would still be needed …]. In addition, the places that you must search to find the citations in the first place may or may not be covered with Devonagentpro versus Zotero or Bookends or EndNote or Papers or …

So …

  • Are all of the locations that you MUST and WANT TO search fully accessible from Devonagentpro or not? When yes …

  • Do you mind using more than one piece of software to manage your citations?


Thank you for your response!!
I am writing an art history book so most of my sources are on Google Scholar, SSTOR etc but I am always looking “outside the box.” I don’t know if DTA has a free trial. It is does that would be a good way to find out. I will need a Reference Manager and I’ve been reading a lot about Bookends. That seems like the best one perhaps.
Thanks again! Lora

Sure, see

The “best one” is a matter of your competing needs. I need to manage citations and their associate PDF files locally (search on EZProxy, administer the associated documents, read the associated documents, and link to them successfully via LaTeX during the phase of writing a publication) and share citations globally (the citation sets and/or their associated PDF files).

I found Papers3 was the best for my local needs up until a year or so ago. With the pending upgrade, the (still operational) version has routinely failed to meet my local needs. It failed to meet my needs to share with my research group. I am transitioning out of it.

I now find Bookends is good for most of my local needs. It fails to meet my needs to share the citations with my research group, and I generally struggle with aspects of its UI design.

I find Mendeley is good for my needs to share citations within my research group. I could stay entirely within it, but it does not manage some aspects of my local needs well (or as well as Bookends).

My core needs are not satisfied with Zotero. Finally, EndNote is too expensive and has an unacceptable limitation for my local needs (e.g. compared with Bookends or Papers3).

For me, none of the citation management apps have a fully satisfying presence on the iOS platform.

You might browse the Mac Power Users Forum for other discussions about citation managers.


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Similar for me, to maintain all my references I use Bookends, perfect with autofill BibTeX fields from internet. All the attachments are stored in a (DropBox) folder to sync with my other devices and this folder is linked to DTPro. works perfect so the documents are in DTPro and the references can be managed with Bookends.