Did not receive license code, no replies

I ordered Photo Stickies on May 21, today is May 30.  I received
confirmation on the 21st and have yet to receive my license code.

I have sent email to info@devon-technologies.com three times and
email to support@devon-technologies.com once with NO REPLY.  My
email WAS having problems around the 21st and the original response
from DEVON-TECH may have been lost.  But everything’s been working
fine since the 25th.  Come on DEVON-TECH!

This email was sent by the DEVON folks on 5/21.

"Dear DEVONtechnology users,

"We will be on holiday until the 7th of June, 2004. Due to this, replies to all e-mails and support enquiries could be delayed significantly…"

Oh.  I didn’t get that email either.  Thanks for the info.   Happy
holiday to those folks then…

There were unfortunately some technical problems during our vacation but you should have received the code in the meantime.