Did rebuild and now both databases are completely empty then all data orphaned


I was doing an Archive back up to my databases but two of them needed to be rebuilt so I did that now they are both completely empty.

Finallly, I got Devonthink 3 to import the 10,000+ files but it did as orphans a not into the folder structure that it was originally in.

I have an old archive back up but that is from a few weeks ago and I will have lost all the work from then.

How can I get my work back?

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Try holding the Option key, File > Restore Backup, and choosing an earlier date to roll back the metadata.

There was no back up to roll back to except the one from what I did today.

I have a zip archive from Jan 12, 2020. I guess I lost all my data since then.

I suspect I need to backup everyday.

Did you select the rollback date from today?

I suspect I need to backup everyday.

Yes, this is always the best course of action, regardless if you’re running our apps or not. We have talked and blogged and even tweeted about this necessaity.

I don’t know what you mean by rollback date from today

When you do a database Rebuild, a restore point should be added at the beginning.

Before a rebuild…

After a rebuild…

Try holding the Option key, File > Restore Backup , and choosing an earlier date to roll back the metadata.

There was nothing to rollback too ;(

Had you done a File > Rebuild Database ??


I imported the archive backups from end Jan 2020 and I have to rebuild them as they have errors with them.

I unzipped them then opened the databases. Is that correct way to do it?

I unzipped them then opened the databases. Is that correct way to do it?

Yes, but hopefully you closed the current ones first so you don’t get a duplicate UUID warning in Window > Log.

And that is highly unusual regarding the rebuild.
Where is that database located - the file path on the machine?

Databases path on my machine—>Macintosh HD–>Users–>brianP–>DevonThinkDatabases

Maybe @cgrunenberg will have an idea, but it’s definitely not normal behavior.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank-you!2020-02-11_22-27-40 2020-02-11_22-27-23

From the two databases I unarchived one I had to rebuild and it works fine now.

The other database consistently gives the two errors even after I tried to a ‘Rebuild Database’ feature twice.

I guess I can try an rearchive the damaged database.


Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank-you!

You’re welcome.

The errors should be reported in Window > Log.

According to the description a rebuild was probably suggested due to a major database issue detected while opening the database but depending on the issue rebuilding might not help. Did DEVONthink or the computer crash/freeze lately?

The first database orphaned all my data and so I went back to an old archive file.

The second database lost all data and did not create any orphaned files

The first database archive functions fine (from Jan 12, 2020)

The second database archive is giving the errors sent earlier in this thread (from Jan 24, 2020). Due to these errors, an archive copy of the database cannot be generated.

I will back up every day now (or archive) but for now, DevonThink Rebuild functionality wiped out two of my very large databases

You support is appreciated.

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Daily backups are certainly encouraged.

Also, doing a weekly File > Verify & Repair (or bi-weekly, if you’re not a heavy user of a database) is a good idea. Just to keep up on the general health of your databases.

I guess there not troubleshooting for this database as this error message appeared on older archives too2020-02-11_22-27-40 2020-02-11_22-27-23