Did the forum just break Safari on Catalina?

Has there just been a Discourse update installed? On Catalina the last compatible version of Safari (15.6.1) stopped being able to load the forum about an hour ago. There was a brief moment when it was unavailable on the latest Safari under Sonoma, but that’s now working. Firefox on Catalina still works. No biggie, unless it is at your end; it may just be one of those moments where Safari gets left behind because it’s tied to OS versions and goes out of date before third-party browsers.

Did you try emptying the cache and rebooting the computer?

Yes; no difference. I just assumed there was an update to the forum software, but was that not the case? Puzzling if so, but also useful to know in trying to figure it out at my end.

The forum is frequently updated and usually based on the latest Discourse version.

Yes, absolutely. I was specifically assuming there was an update shortly before midnight UK time last night, and reporting for information that that update seems to have left Safari on Catalina behind. If there wasn’t a Discourse update last night and it’s instead something at my end, that would be interesting to know, but don’t waste any time or attention on it; I’ll check out some other Discourse fora and see if they’re behaving similarly.

Running Safari 15.6.1 and same problem all gone

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On Catalina?

No, we didn’t update Discourse last evening but we did rebuild the server app as part of the usual monthly maintenance cycle. So maybe simply deleting your browser’s cache and reloading should fix it?

Thanks, but that was the first thing I tried. Useful information, though!

I have experienced something similar on iPad (latest OS).

For a few days in the last month, I was unable to access this forum with Safari on iPad. Although connection to the server could be established, it would get stuck in the loading process. Rebooting the device and clearing cache brought no relief. In the mean time, access had been fine on my Mac on the same network.

Then the problem just vanished.

I have encountered occasional slow or stuck loading on other Discourse forum sites, too. I know nothing at all about the underlying issue; something in Discourse could be playing Russian roulette with Safari.

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Contrary to some other forum systems we used in the past or to the CMS we use for our website today, Discourse is a rather complex product. That’s probably one reason why they recommend rebuilding the server app from time to time: the more complex an app the easier little oddities creep in during its uptime :smiling_imp:


Problem persist I have cleared cache no change still a problem, I swopped to Chrome and all fine problem must be linked to Safari.

Is your version of Chrome newer than your version of Safari?

Maybe it is an old version 124.0

124.0.6367.156 of Chrome works here with Discourse and is newest per a Google search. I can’t find a definitive list, but comments suggest it’s new.

Your version Safari 15.6.1 released August 18, 2022 … much older than your Chrome version. Per Safari (web browser) - Wikipedia. So probably since that date many months ago, some sort of compatibility broken. Probably nobody knows, including DEVONthink or the Discourse people.

I routinely use Safari 17.4.1 (and use Chrome when needed) which goes with macOS 13.6.6 and is latest Ventura release, as far as I know. No plans to go to Sonoma. Seeing no issues with Discourse here.

Safari on Catalina has been falling behind for a while now; it can’t handle .webp graphics, and in the last couple of weeks has been struggling to save PDFs correctly, at least from the sites I mainly use. I’m not sure why something like that would change without an update, but it’s another line of writing on the wall. Sooner or later we remaining Catalina diehards will need to make the break to Firefox or Chrome anyway.

I haven’t yet found another Discourse forum which is misbehaving in Safari 15.6.1, but I’m not sure what if anything that tells us.

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I have now got Chrome working I suspect as it is an old computer in Apples mind it is best to move to Chrome, I am not investing in new computer for a Safari update thanks.

Chrome?? :flushed: bleh. :slight_smile:


At least Chrome implements more web standards then Safari or FF. Especially those invented by Google :wink:

And also infects your machine with tons of crap under-the-hood. And don’t get me going on the ever-present privacy issues (and ongoing development of invasive technologies) :wink:

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