Did the Highlight text command disappear in DTTG 3.5.2 (17229)?

Is it possible, that in the newest DTTG version (DTTG 3.5.2 (17229)) the Highlight text command just disappeared? At least I can’t find it in the dropdown menu bar anymore :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:

…update: the command re-appears when I flip my phone horizontally (i.e., when all format commands are expanded along the entire top-bar). Only in portrait mode (when all commands are collapsed into the drop-down menus) I can’t actually find.

What kind of file are you editing? For me when editing a rich text the top bar looks like this

and highlighting is found in the Aa menu.

Okay, I’ve seen it now - you are working with a markdown file and I can confirm that highlighting does not appear in the drop-down menus in portrait view.

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@aedwards, I can confirm this.

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Thanks, I have added a fix for this. On a small screen layout, the highlight option should appear on the drop down menu from the button with the Bold/Underline/Italic icon.

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