didn't have a sync group but it showed up on my G4 PowerBook

I was in the “where is my sync group” category. Today I am out, and have my PB with me. It’s running OS 10.5.8, like my desktop, but it still had DTPO 2.0.3 on it, so I upgraded to 2.0.5. No sync button. Also not much else happening, so I uninstalled it. I removed what the “uninstall” instructions tell you to remove, plus I put it through AppZapper, and I uninstalled everything connected with DT that I could find except my database. Then I reinstalled, from scratch: redownloaded and everything. Installed all extras except the Mail bundle (don’t do Mail on this machine). Then I created a new group. Lo and behold, A SYNC GROUP! Not in the sidebar, but above the Inbox, in the column where all groups etc. are listed. It’s showing in the older database that I opened as well.

Haven’t tried it yet, I was so excited just to see it!!

Hope this helps!

Good news. Glad it’s working out for you. BTW, that’s where the Sync group is usually found (unless you sort the database manually) - one Sync group in each database. There are never sync groups in the global sidebar.

I just tried that but sadly no sync group here yet.

Here’s the latest totally weird update:
Everything works on the PowerBook only. It’s a G4, running OS 10.5.8.
The Sync Group is there, the iPhone sees the computer, and my little test Sync Group appeared on the iPhone. I haven’t quite got the hang of finding documents yet other than by Searching, but when I search for them they’re there and readable, though slow. (It’s an old 3G iPhone, running iOS 3.1.3, which may have something to do with it.) But it works as it should.

On my desktop, a much newer Mac Mini 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo running the same operating system as the PB, it doesn’t work. There is no Sync Group. If I move a database from the PB to the Mini, there is a Sync Group, although I haven’t yet gotten DTTG to see the Mini to sync to.

Like I said, weird. I’ve posted this in the original thread on “where is the sync group”–hope it helps!

If you do not see the “Sync group” in your Pro desktop product, the functionality that allows DTTG to see your computer will not be enabled. Users who do see the Sync group in the Pro desktop product are sometimes unable to see their computer in DTTG. We are working on both issues; the second issue is related to Bonjour discovery services and appear to be WiFi network related. However, the first issue (not seeing the Sync group at all) is due to an issue with the 2.0.5 Pro release. We are not certain as to the cause of this problem, but we need your help in determining the cause. One possibility is that your permissions are improperly set on the desktop application. This may be the result of using the Migration Assistant in setting up your computer, and also happens when there are several user accounts on the same computer. Regardless, we would ask that you bring up the “Get Info” window on your DT Pro folder and make sure that you (your user account) has both read and write permissions on the folder. If not, click the tiny lock in the lower right corner of the “Get Info” window and make your user account has read/write permissions on the folder (you might enable ‘admin’ read/write access as well). Then, click on the drop down item in the lower middle section of the window and select “apply to enclosed items.” This will ask if you ‘really want to do this’ and click ‘OK.’ Then try again. Please let us know if this solves the problem. This issue is puzzling as it works for most people (and in our own testing) but obviously is an issue for those posting problems on the Forum. A permissions problem would be a reasonable assumption but we need users to try this out and let us know if that is the cause of the issue. Thanks for your assistance and support of our latest product.

OK I just checked my permissions on the DT Pro App, there is no separate folder for DT Pro. There is a separate folder in ~/Library/Caches/com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2

My username is set with read write, Admin and everyone had read only for both the app and the folder.

I shut down DevonThink. Then set all permissions to Read & Write. There is no drop down where I have any option to apply to enclosed items. So I went into the folder and changed permissions on the only file that was in there: Cache.db

Started up DevonThink again and I still do not have a sync group in my existing database.

Created a new database but no sync group in it either.

Please try this:

Delete your Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2 folder (after making a back up copy in another folder and clearing out the Inbox).

Dragged the folder to the trash, tried to empty trash Get an error message cannot delete because item DEVONthink CM is in use.

Sorry - we are working to determine the cause of the issue. Only some users are experiencing this and we have still not reproduced the problem here. I know that is of no comfort to you but rest assured we will get this fixed, and notify you once we have a new release of DT Pro.

Logout/login, then Empty Trash.

Here is the latest update:

There does appear to be a problem with the plugin file itself. We are still attempting to characterize the cause of the problem. So for readers of this forum, please post as to:

A. Sync groups show up or not
B. Your Mac processor type (PPC, Intel)
C. Your OS version

We have some ideas now about why this is happening and need your support to verify our assumptions. Thanks in advance for your support!

No sync group in any database either original or new ones
2.16 Ghz Intel COre 2 Duo iMac 2GB memory circa late 2006
Mac OS X 10.5.8