Difference between Devonthink 3 and Devonthink 3 Pro

What is the difference between Devonthink 3 and Devonthink 3 Pro. I have always had Devonthink Pro Office and have used a really old Scansnap, so regularly made use of OCR. However now with Catalina the Scansnap is defunct, so I have started using an iPhone app Scanner Pro which actually does OCR for you. I get Devonthink to Index the scans.

So I don’t need OCR. I am thinking of upgrading, and not sure whether to go for the Standard or Pro edition. I can’t seem to find the information about the difference between standard and pro.

These features are limited to Pro/Server:

To add to Criss’ comment… If there’s something on the list in the comparison matrix linked to, it’s not in the Standard edition.

I would echo @apb123 request, would it be possible to have somewhere the list of features of the Standard edition? I know what I miss if I don’t buy the Pro version, but is not quite clear to me what I get if I buy the Standard edition.

Thanks a lot

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We will discuss this internally. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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I upgraded a few days ago and was confused about this too, particularly OCR.

I opted to only go for the standard version, and have since found that there is a menu option to OCR documents (at least PDF which are a majority of my files) and it does seem to work. It now shows the file type as PDF+Text.


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