Difference between Tags, Keywords and Subject/Comments?


I do know what Tags are. That put aside, why is there an additional document field called “Keywords”? It shows if you go into the document properties. What’s the difference, and when do I use Keywords vs. Tags?

Same thing applies to the Subject of a document. I noticed that whatever I type into the subject field will later end up as spot light comments. Is this a wanted wording mismatch?

How do all these things play together?


“Keywords”, “Subject”, and the other fields you see in the Tools > Show Properties and in the Tools > Show Info panel are metadata (or, what DT sometimes calls meta data) that are defined in various document specifications, such as the ISO standard for PDFs, the EXIF standard, the IPTC standard, and so forth. DT displays (and in some cases – PDFs, for example – permits one to edit) these metadata.

DTech doesn’t control the standards. It is not a good idea for applications (DT incuded) to use non-standard names for standard metadata fields that were specified in the applicable standard for that document type.