Difference between yellow and blue folders


I updated my DT Pro-Version to 2.0 and noticed a difference in the tree view of all folders in my database. Some folders are displayed in yellow and some are displayed in blue (and have an tag-icon on the right side). What is the difference between these? How can I make all folders look the same (my top level folders are mixed in blue and yellow, and that´s a little bit distracting while scanning the tree for a special folder)?

/Edit: I noticed one other thing: The appearence of these blue folders differ: Sometimes it´s an icon with sharp, crisp edges, while other icons look not-so-crisp and scaled-down. Whats the difference here?


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Thank you for your very fast response! Please also see my “edit” note above - can you explain this behaviour, too? Thanks!

The “not that sharp” icons might be imported custom icons. Try removing the icon (via Data > Thumbnails > Remove).

Yeah, that helped! Now everything´s fine. Thank you, again :slight_smile: