Different apostrophes produced by the same key in DttG?

If I create a markdown file which includes apostrophe in the file name, and then try to create a wiki link to the file from another file, this fails as the the file with the apostrophe in its name seems to use the ‘right single quote’ and typing in the body text produces the ‘straight apostrophe’. Note, that I press the same key in both cases. (It’s the key on the right from the ‘Ä’ key on my Finnish/Swedish keyboard.)

If I write the name of the file into the Alias field in Info, it produces the ‘straight apostrophe’. Note, that on a Mac the ‘straight apostrophe’ seems to be used in any case.

This is 100% reproducible on my system (M2 iPad, M3 Air with up-to-date system and Dt software on both).

Is iOS’ Settings > General > Keyboard > Smart Punctuation enabled?

Yes, it was on and turning it off produces indeed ‘straight apostrophe’ when entering the name of the file while creating a new file on the iPad.

When testing this tip from you, I did some further testing and noticed that while creating a new MD file entering the ‘Name’ and ‘Body’ both produce the ‘wrong’ apostrophe, but after the file has been created entering text in the ‘body’ produces the ‘straight apostrophe’. So, in my test I ended up having both versions of apostrophe after first entering text while creating the file and then entering more text after creation. I don’t think this should be the case even if the Smart Punctuation is on.

Anyway, thank you for the help. Smart Punctuation will remain off on my iPad for the time being.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
The New Document Assistant and the text editor were developed at different times in DEVONthink To Go’s history. Development will have to look at this.

In some cases, a long press on the key might help. It should pop up a list of „similar“ characters from which you can choose the intended one.

Also, my iPhone used „smart“ quotes in this post because that’s the default on my phone. Not so smart to put German quotes in an English text, imo.

Yes, I’m aware of the long press method, but I didn’t at first know that different apostrophes was the problem as the difference can be quite hard to notice in some fonts (and screens). Anyway, when I realised what the problem was, I was able to produce the correct apostrophes to make wiki links work again.

I don’t remember whether Smart Punctuation is on or off by default, but I’ve kept it enabled because in Finnish double right quotes in the beginning and end of the quotation is the standard, which I personally don’t like, and a fair amount of my correspondence happens in English anyway.