Different duplicates in Devonthink 3.6.2 than in DTTG 3.0.1

Dear all,

A few days ago I eliminated all duplicates in DTPO. Nevertheless, I notice in DTTG that there are more duplicates in the duplicates folder (which, by the way, are not duplicates, but are very similar). Why do they appear in DTTG, although nothing is shown in DTPO, or why are they not visible in DTPO if they are still present in DTTG?

Thanks in advance.


That might have something to do with the option “stricter recognition of duplicates” in DT3 which AFAIK is not available in DTTG. The option uses additional criteria to compare documents (thus avoiding those which are deceptively similar but not identical).

Thanks, Blanc. I checked it after reducing the accuracy of the duplicate check in the settings of DTPO. The same documents appeared that were identified as duplicates under DTTG. So the solution is obvious, you were right. Thank you very much.


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