Different sorter behaviour when called by shortcut vs by icon

The following bug is reproducible:

Using DT 3.5.1, macOS 10.15.6, Safari 13.1.2 with Clip-to-DEVONthink-Extension 3.0.3.

DT: Preferences/Sorter/Clip to DEVONthink Hotkey set to ⌃⌥ ⌘ß (which displays as ⌃⌥ ⌘SS)
On the NEJM JournalWatch website, choose any summary on the left (the COVID ones are currently freely accessible). Clip the resulting page to DT using the Clip to DEVONthink icon left of the address field in Safari. Select HTML Page and Inbox. Save the clip by pressing ⌘S or clicking Add. The clip will appear in the inbox, and will contain both the URL and the article text.

Now, on the same page/article instead of using the icon to initiate Clip to DEVONthink, use the hotkey. HTML Page and Inbox should still be selected. Again, save the clip by pressing ⌘S or clicking Add. The clip will appear in the inbox, but will only contain the URL - and no text whatsoever.

To me there is no apparent reason why with identical settings and an identical source, Sorter behaves aberrantly when using the hotkey vs the icon to call Clip to DEVONthink.

This is reliably reproducible on this page, although I haven’t bene able to confirm the same behaviour on any other page. Still, it leaves me wondering whether other peoples reports might be related.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue yet, I am getting the same results in both cases. Are you logged into the NEJM website when clipping the pages?

Thanks for getting back to me, Alan - I am logged in when I clip pages. On Wednesday, I’ll see whether the behaviour is the same when I am logged out, or whether I can influence the behaviour any other way. I’ll let you know.