Different Types of Web Archives?

This isn’t exactly TROUBLE, but what are the differences in web archives? I’ve noticed that if I use a bookmarklet to save a web archive I get one type of icon - if I use a contextual command from the DevonThink browser to save a web archive I get another icon - both though are listed as web archives.

Does anyone know the difference?

And while I’m at it, is there any way that these will be saved to an external folder or do they go to the db only?

One more thought - what’s the difference in the contextual menu in the DT browser between Capture Web Archive and Capture Page

TIA (and apologies for the verbosity) -


Yes. The WebArchive icon is actually a tiny picture of the captured page. That’s why they can look different. :slight_smile:

The WebArchive will go directly to your database. You can if you wish drag the WebArchive document to the Finder, or use File > Export > Files & Folders to export one or more WebArchive documents to the Finder.

Capture Page captures only the HTML file to your database. When you go offline, images won’t be available.

Capture WebArchive results in a Mac-only file that contains the images, so that they will be visible for offline viewing.

Bill, thanks again - you’re great.

Good answers, and cool functionality across the board. I like the way Think thinks.