Different ways to save web pages ...

If I want to save a web page as a DT document, I know I can drag the URL from the web-browser Address Bar into the DT documents pane. The web page then shows up in the View pane below, but it’s a “live link”. If the content on that webpage changes on line, it’ll change in my viewing pane.

What’s the best way to “freeze” a webpage - in other words, to save it in DT just as it appears right now online, and not have it ever change (or disappear if the link gets broken)?


you can print it as PDF into DevonThink, which is a quick solution.

I prefer selecting text and pictures with information I need and catch it as an RTF file. So I keep the links alive and I need not watch buttons, ads etc. in my database.

You can do this via Service when working with a browser or via Memo button in DT


I believe a web archive will also freeze everything exactly the way it is and still be an html document. Very handy. Use the applescript included with Devonthink Pro for Safari.