Difficulties selecting and editing text notes in DTTG

I’m currently using DTTG 2.7.7 (16398) non-Premium. When trying to edit non-PDF text notes within the app, the selector doesn’t have drag handles, so I can only select one word or the entire body of the text, as in the attached photo.

Hold-and-drag to select words invokes the Loupé tool, which isn’t helpful in this case. Also, after a word is selected, tapping it again to change the formatting typically causes the word to deselect, rather than bring up the interaction bubble. This occurs when using it on my iPhone and iPad.

The larger context of this question is that I am trying to evaluate Forte Labs’ Progressive Summarization note-taking technique, which relies heavily on reformatting text notes: specifically, bolding and highlighting text. I prefer to work in text notes, especially Formatted Notes. I am having difficulty extending the method between macOS and iOS consistently and my workflow has become very iOS intensive with new fatherhood. :sweat_smile:

My understanding is that to consistently apply this method, I would need to adopt RTF notes as the standard format, and edit them in Drafts on iOS. Is this correct? Also, I have seen promises in posts dating back to 2018 for enhanced text editing in future DTTG versions. Could I become a beta tester for one of these versions?

This is a known issue, we’re afraid. The next larger version of DEVONthink To Go will first address adjustments for iOS 13 and 14, then move on to new editors. The latter are, still, not so easy to solve due to the lack of editing capabilities on iOS that come with the box on the Mac.

I’ve been really struggling to apply/change any text formatting in rich text notes as well, I’m also on iOS 14 but I don’t know if it’s always been like that before as I had mostly used DT on Mac OS. I’ve tried the formatting options when you double tap the text, formatting options by clicking the ‘T’ on the keyboard menu and by using an external keyboard e.g. ctrl-B for bold, etc. Using the arrow keys on an external keyboard (Apple Smart Keyboard ) to move the cursor around also seems to be really buggy :pensive: