Difficulty adding tags

When I try to add new tags to a document, the new tags won’t stick. I recently changed my database settigns to use Tags of Groups:

Now, if I add additional tags (not related to the group), those tags dissapear on the document. Also, if I remove a tag (not relate to the group) the tag will reappear. It’s almost like all my documents are locked in a state in which only keeps track of the Tags of Groups, but no other tags.

Additionally, I noticed this doesn’t happen if I use the inspector to edit tags. It only happens when I edit tags in the bottom tag viewer under the document.

Welcome @Jiyosub

I am not able to reproduce this issue here.

Screen captures of the group, its content, and the tags or a screen cast of the behavior would be helpful.

Can I send you the screencast directly? I prefer not to have it public.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Compress and attach the screencast to the ticket. Thanks.