Difficulty importing a 4GB ENEX file

Hi everyone!

I’m currently a trialer of Devonthink and I really want it to work for me as I want to get rid of my EN subscription.

Right now, as part of my migration, I’m importing all ENEX files related to the folders I have in EN (because the legacy version no longer works), almost all files imported without issues, but the biggest one, called “Archived” and is 4.25GBs of size is coming in empty. See the screenshots below:
This is how it looks in Finder:

And this is how it looks in Devonthink:

Comparison with a couple ENEX files that imported without issues:

With regards to “Archived”, I’ve tried both drag n’ dropping into DT, and also doing File → Import … and selecting the ENEX file.
The logs show nothing.

Do you have any suggestion? Thanks!

Welcome @Yefb
Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.
But bear in mind, it is the weekend so it may not be looked at until Monday.

I’ve just gone ahead and submitted my ticket. No rush on getting it looked at during the weekend. Thank you!

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