Difficulty with PDF form data disappearing

I am an attorney and I have been preaching Devonthink Pro Office to every body who will listen. I use it for almost everything and I hope to use it for even more!

One issue I am having though is in storing and using blank court forms. I have them all organized and would like to be able to copy the forms out of the database into specific client folders and fill them out in the application. The problem is that when I fill out the form the information I enter disappears if I leave the form. I can’t figure out how to make devonthink save the form field data. Also if I try to print the form, it just prints the blank form.

Thanks in advance!

This is currently not supported due to limitations of Mac OS X’s PDFKit framework. One workaround might be to open the document externally, e.g. with Preview.app.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I figured that this was probably the case. Hopefully PDFkit gets an upgrade in the near future because form filling would be an extremely valuable feature for those of us in industries that have to use forms on a daily basis.

Thank you so much for your continuing efforts in the development of this excellent software. My legal practice basically revolves around it.