Difficulty with smart rule to convert RTF to PDF and del RTF

I would like to create a smart rule that applies to item with the tag “convert RTF to PDF and del RTF”.

The smart rule would

  • convert RTF to PDF
  • delete the RTF
  • put the PDF in the reading list

I am able to use convert to convert PDF and move to trash as shown below.
If I use convert and continue, I can convert to PDF, put the PDF in the reading list, but I can’t delete the RTF

thank you very much (for your time … and patience !)

This may be counterintuitive in the first moment, but the solution is to first trash the RTF, then using convert and continue convert it to PDF and then move the PDF. The disadvantage of this approach is that the PDF is created in trash, and needs to be moved. If you are running this smart rule from various different places and cannot automate moving the PDF to the group in which you want it to be, using a script maybe the easier option.

An alternative is for the rule to tag the RTF rather than moving it to trash, and for a second rule which runs at set intervals to move anything with the appropriate tag to trash.


I will give your solutions a try. thanks very much

a perfect solution. I will create a smart group for the tagged RTF files which I will clean up once a month.
thanks very much !!