direct iOS to MacOS synching with connected devices

Use case: On trip, in hotel, want to synch. phone to mac DT data. Usually I do this over local WiFi, but synching not available with open WiFi connections (such as at work, or in public). I have my phone plugged in to my laptop - it would be really nice to be able to synch. data using this very DIRECT connection.

If you “Create a Network” on your Mac, you can connect to that network on your phone. If you have enabled incoming connections in Sync preferences in DEVONthink on your Mac, you can access that connection in DTTG2 on your phone.

Be aware, that if you sync a database through a WebDAV or cloud-based sync store, and then connect as described above, you will be syncing a separate instance of your database(s). That will not be the case if you always sync over WiFi and not through a cloud or WebDAV sync store – in this case syncing via a network you created on your Mac is the same as syncing via WiFi.

Be cautious. Networks created with the Mac’s “Create a Network” feature may be insecure. Do not leave the network open when you’re not syncing.