Direct p2p sync without Bonjour

Rehashing a comment from another thread: Directly adding files to WebDav/FTP .dtCloud sync store - #22 by syntagm

It would be nice if DEVONthink supported p2p sync without only relying on Bonjour. For example by allowing specifying a direct hostname/ip:port combination, similar to how Bonjour sync already has the option to specify a port for the interface

Usecase is scenarios when bonjour might be blocked on a network level, but also
enables usage of overlay networks like ZeroTier/Tailscale or just private tunnels/VPNs to be used to sync between devices, without going through some central webdav server in the middle as interim.
Or to directly interface with a static mac server somewhere that has DEVONthink running

An idea would be a fallback option or annotation to the current local network stores (rightclick → get info → device IP), to also be able to specify a hostname or IP to use when bonjour isn’t available

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for future releases.

I just ran into this issue - turns out that my company wifi network blocks mDNS (as they should), so no bonjour sync to get the latest database onto my work macbook from my phone, and have to fallback to central cloud storage

Another idea would be USB sync, so I can plug my iPhone in and have it sync over USB. Sharing the Macbook wifi internet connection over USB to the iPhone isn’t doing the trick either to get bonjour to show up