Direct Sync between 2 Macs via VPN does not work

I’m running DTPO on my 2 Macs. When not at home they are connected via VPN but I can’t sync the Devonthink databases (couldn’t open host…). All other services (amp/ afp/ vnc work and are available…) any idea?

If you’re getting an error from the networking level, there’s not much I can do about it – OS X’s returning the error, and I’m making it visible and explaining why there’s no synchronization, but there’s generally not much that can be done.

Are you using a Bonjour hostname (i.e. Alexs-MacBook.local) with these services?

I don’t have much experience with VPNs, and none with mixing VPNs and Bonjour. mDNS doesn’t broadcast across subnet boundaries, so depending on your VPN configuration that might be an issue, and it might be an issue even regardless of your VPN :-/

A casual Google returned this: … -over-vpn/

Of course, I can’t vouch for its accuracy or applicability.