Direct sync between Devonthink Pro and Devonthink To Go on iphone

Hi, I have 2 different Apple ID’s on both my iMac and iPhone so I can’t sync trough iCloud.
I want to use a direct sync from iMac to my iPhone - connect my iPhone to the iMac with a cable. How do I set this up ?


From the help:

Should I thick the box: LOCAL - Inbox ?

What is the best way on the iPhone, use the Global Inbox for sync ?

In the list of sync locations select the Mac and afterwards enable the global inbox in the list of database. This will merge the local inbox of DEVONthink To Go with the one on the Mac.

Why are you connecting to the iOS device when you have Bonjour enabled on the Mac?
You shouldn’t enable Bonjour in DEVONthink To Go unless it’s actually acting as a server. You should only be connecting to the Mac from DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Sync: Locations.

OK. So I do it like this :

On the iPhone I turned Bonjour OFF

But on my iPhone it does not show up :

Are both the Mac and the iPhone connected to the same network/router? In addition, please check that the firewall of macOS doesn’t block DEVONthink.

Yes I connected trough lightning cable direct iPhone on iMac
And yes Devonthink 3 is allowed to incoming connections…

You need to check the Firewall in System Preferences > Security & Privacy and add an exception for DEVONthink, if you have the firewall enabled.
If you are running a network monitoring app like Little Snitch, you’d need to do the same in it.