Direct sync


it has been quite a while since I last used direct sync but now the need has come up again and I am at a loss at how to set it up.
There is no need to create a temporary sync store locally, correct? The laptop sits next to the iMac, both connect to the same Wifi, Bonjour is set up to accept incoming connections…err…what next?

DTPO 2.10.1 on both.

I suggest you only enable incoming connections on one Mac. This keeps you from trying to set up both machines to serve the same databases.

You should see the Bonjour serving Mac in the Locations list in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync.
Enable it, entering the mandatory password you entered.
Any databases that are open on both machines will appear in the Local section. Check the ones to merge.
Any databases importable from the Bonjour serving machine will appear in the Remote section. Right-click one and choose Import Database, saving it locally to a safe location. We advocate a folder in your Home directory, like ~/Databases. Repeat as needed.

Some feedback in case someone stumbles across the same problems as I did:

The serving Mac is the one that says “Incoming connections: available” and shows the green dot.
It is the other one (the one that says “incoming connections: none”) that will actually show the other Mac in the locations list, which I found a bit counterintuitive. According to my understanding this would be an incoming connection but apparently its is just the reverse according to DTPO.

I did not see the serving Mac until I disabled Wifi and connected both via Ethernet cable. I am still investigating why.

Other than that Jim’s explanation worked for me, thanks!