Disable all previews of weblinks

Would it be possible to disable the preview loading of web content completely?

Sometimes I store links in DT, and navigating my inbox triggers loading of these sites. This loading makes no sense because it takes long and shows no useful information, just a couple of layers of cookie consent. I figured that I can disable JavaScript in the Settings, which makes most web pages non-functional and goes half way, but I would love the option to completely disable any preview of remote content.

I would be completely happy if there was just no preview for a web location stored in DT, or maybe the preview should be just a clickable version that opens the link in the default browser.


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You can set View > Preview To None!

Yes, that would be an option, but I do like my previews of text files, tables, well pretty much anything locally. In the Inbox all sorts of files appear.

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Loading of bookmarks is a problem on a very old MacBook. A preference would be great.

Just curious but in which scenario do you select a bookmark but don’t want to preview it? Or what exactly do you want to do with the bookmark after selecting it?

My Inbox is full of stuff and I might use arrow keys to navigate the list, passing over a bookmark.

Or I may want to process that bookmark. I know exactly where I want to send it, with “See also & Classify”. Then I select it, and the loading of the preview slows me down because it’s visually disturbing and slows the computer down because it’s heavy.