Disable Javascript when importing websites as PDFs?

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been using DTPO to collect information from several forums, importing the websites via the Clip to DEVONThink addon and converting them to PDFs (mostly because they’re smaller than webarchives this way).

While I was working on a paper today and referencing some of the imported sites I noticed they were “missing” content: some of the forums I clipped threads from used a “spoiler” tag to hide parts of the postings and in the PDFs the parts hidden behind the tag doesn’t show up, instead I only see the non-clickable “Show spoilers” button. I tried re-importing the sites with the button clicked and the text visible, but the PDFs still only show the button and no text.

Going through the source code I noticed the spoiler tag is implemented as a javascript snippet. Now here’s my question: can I disable javascript when clipping sites so the tag is not processed or is there any other way to have the text behind the tags show up in a PDF?



Do you have an example URL?

Thanks, I already found a solution:

When I import the forum threads as a webarchive, I can click the spoiler button and then simply remove it via backspace, which also seems to delete the Javascript snippet attached to it. When I then convert the webarchive to PDF (via “Capture site”) the text is now visible in the PDF.

Not the most elegant solution, but it works for me. :slight_smile: