Disable pop-up for sync actions - HOWTO?

Using DTPO 2.11.2 on Mojave.
I have various syncs set up. Now each time a sync occurs, a status window of the sync pops-up. Problem is that it draws the cursor focus away from what you are doing. And also focus is drawn to the Desktop that contains the DTPO window.

So if I’m typing while not focusing on the screen, and a sync occurs, the focus is drawn away from the app you were typing in.

  • Is there some way to influence this behaviour?
  • Some way to disable pop-ups from sync at all?

Thanks for helping out!

See hidden preference DisableActivityWindow in appendix of help.

Thanks a lot.
Before messing things up, do I understand this correctly?

  • by default com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2 AdditionalPlainTextExtensions does not exist
  • by doing defaults write … you create it
  • then you can edit it and add DisableActivityWindow

Is this correct?

No. Just click the On link in the appropriate line, then relaunch DEVONthink.