Disable re-install of scripts and templates on update


is it possible to prevent scripts and templates from always being installed during an update? I have “cleaned” the respective folders and use aliases to synchronize the scripts and templates on all clients. Up to v3.0.2 (or less), an update was always possible without scripts and templates.


Disabling the options once and confirming the installation dialog should actually be sufficient.

Thanks! Already tried that and doesn‘t helped. Is there a plist entry, i could check?

No, it’s stored in the preferences. Are the options enabled again in the dialog now although you disabled them and confirmed the dialog?

No, the option is disabled, but the scripts/templates will still be reinstalled… :thinking:

And they are only reinstalled during an update? We’ll check this.

I think we’re talking at cross purposes. The following “problem” occurs during the updates since v3.0.2 (almost certainly): The templates (registers, etc.) are reinstalled during the update. But I don’t want that because I don’t need any of them. The same applies to the scripts (see I also think that this has nothing to do with the option in additional modules (in German: Install additional modules …) Also note that I have created aliases (Menu / Templates.noindex) so that I have the content keep in sync when a user adjusts something …

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so that I have the content keep in sync when a user adjusts something …

what user, where?
Can you clarify what you’re doing here?

:crazy_face: Sorry for the confusion …

I have three employees (users). So that everyone always has the same templates and scripts (the templates/scripts are adjusted and changed almost daily by the employees!), we synchronize the folders via Synology Drive. That’s why I use aliases for Script Menu and Templates.noindex.

We wiped out templates and scripts we don’t need in order to keep the overview (we have many own templates and scripts). We don’t want that the standard templates and scripts to be installed on every update (as it was until v3.0.2). Is it possible to prevent that?


@cgrunenberg will have to assess that. It’s qiote possible the resources keep being installed due to you replacing them with an alias (which would be an unusual condition, for sure).

Internal scripts/templates are always installed/updated by an update, the options of the Install Add-ons panel configure only additional, system-wide scripts and PDF services. This behaviour is actually the same for a very long time (more than 10 years).

Maybe I am wrong or the aliases prevented the templates and scripts from being copied in previous updates …

I think, i will solve that using a script after updates. Sorry for my mistake and thanks a lot for your time!