Disable styles for transcluded tables

I really like that I can include tables in my markdown files via transclusion. I recognized, that DevonThink adds specials classes and css for tables, that are created by transclusion. This breaks my own styling (especially the class “row” which is used by many css frameworks like Bootstrap).

Is there any reason that you add styles for transcluded tables (but not for tables in the markdown itself?) What about an option to disable the styling? Or maybe use class names like “_row” which would not interfere with css frameworks?

In case of sheets a HTML conversion of the sheet is actually transcluded since version 3.8.2 as using a Markdown conversion of the sheet for transclusion can crash MultiMarkdown in case of sheets having lots of columns. But there are no styling options currently.

I see styles for tables in DT’s rendered markdown if a table is actually part of the MD document.

Given the “creativity” of CSS framework developers, I guess that the only save class names would be emojis of pregnant sea cucumbers.

Perhaps you can include the transcluded tables in a <div class="transcluded"> element (or something similar) and then add styles for
.transcluded .row or .transcluded th
etc.? By making the selectors more specific than those responsible for the styling by DT, you should be on the safe side.

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In my screenshot you see the HTML generated by DT 3.8.2. The first table is a markdown table, the second one a CSV-File, transcluded into Markdown. As you can see the structure is a little different and the second one uses special classes.

Your idea would work, if I wouldn’t use a CSS framework (Bootstrap), which has styles for exactly the classes, DevonThink is using.

Anyhow, I guess my problem is rather an edge case …