Disabling OCR from the import from scanner option

Hi, I am using DTPO to scan and import pictures of old manuscripts where I really don’t need OCR because it would never recognize anything. However, I am not being able to disable OCR when I am importing documents from the scanner and camera option. I tried going to the general “Preferences” and unchecking the “convert to searchable pdf” option, but it still runs OCR automatically.
Then, I tried unchecking the “OCR” box in the document properties in the “image capture” window itself, but after I click “send to”, either it still runs the OCR, or it doesn’t but the document just “disappears”: it doesn’t get to any of my inboxes and it is deleted from the image capture. I am getting really frustrated here, I would really appreciate some help! Thank you very much!

There does seem to be an issue with the OCR status in the latest version. If you open a Support ticket I will send you an update that will fix this issue.