Disadvantages of saving as EML from Airmail to DT3?

Are there any disadvantages in saving emails as EML from Airmail (MacOS) to DT3? It seems to be pretty straightforward, it includes the attachments, and the attachments seem to get indexed by DT3.

There are a few other ways of saving from Airmail to DT3, but they seem to have major drawbacks:

  1. Airmail’s native ‘Save to Devonthink’ integration only saves the email as plain text, which loses formatting and attachments.

  2. This script seems to save only the first message in a thread (plus its attachments), rather than the currently selected message

Am I missing something?

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No, you’re not missing anything. Airmail (and other simple email clients, like Spark) are poor choices if you’re interested in inter-application communication. They either implement simple (read, not very useful) things like a URL scheme and often don’t implement a good AppleScript dictionary. Apple Mail is still the best of breed for these kinds of operations.

And no, there’s no disadvantage to what you’re doing, especially if it’s working for you.

I must agree, except that Airmail has a decent iOs client allowing to share a mail in iOs. Moreover airmail url work wether you are in iOs or MacOS that is useful, isn’t it ? iOs mail client is just a never ending joke IMHO.

Moreover airmail url work wether you are in iOs or MacOS that is useful, isn’t it ?

That would depend on the need of the current situation.
And also, no… unless you’re using Airmail. :stuck_out_tongue:

A good solution would be application-agnostic, which would be the mailto URL scheme.

For eml the best option (with airmail ;p) is to drag and drop !

But if you drag/drop then attachments are not index or imported into the database directly - though they are available if you download them using the hyperlink in the message

When I drag and drop an email form airmail to DT3 inbox i’ve got the eml and the attachments. Maybe I don’t understand ?

The attachments remain as hyperlinks in the message - correct?

In other words - they do not show up as individual documents in DT3. If you want them to be individual documents in DT3 which you can view and edit and manipulate like any other, then you need to download the attachments and re-import them back into the database.

No for me attachements are inside email, openable and editable form DT3 or DT2go

The key is “inside email.”

The attachments are not individual documents in their own right.

For example, suppose you are negotiating a contract with a business partner and your attorney emails you with negotiating advice and attaches the contract. Can you use DT3 to convert the contract from .doc to .pdf? Can you use DT3 to email the contract to your business partner separate from the message from your attorney? Can you file the contract in DT3 outside of the context of that email message?

I drop many email to DT3 with attachments. From inside DT3 I drag and drop attachments from the imported email to other DT folders (to work on it or make it more visible for instance). Indeed you’re right about the fact that they become editable only after being “dettached” from the email. If you open and edit it as an attachment, DT3 loose the modifications. But for me after being imported everything is made inside DT3.