Disappeared Custom Metadata

I just discovered that I lost about 3 custom metadata. I have smart groups that are based on the values of these metadata and they no longer have any conditions associated with them.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen or used them, probably a couple of weeks ago. Is there anyway I get can them back? (Really trying not to put in the work to sort them out again).

If it helps the version is 3.8 on 2 mac machines.

Is the custom metadata still defined in Preferences > Data? If not the easiest fix is to add the definition again.

It was not. Fortunately adding the definition again fixed the issue. Thanks so much.

Hello @cgrunenberg. I also lost almost all of the custom metadata in my inspector sidebar. I was able to add a few back, but I can not remember all of the names that I was using before they disappeared. Is there any way to see the metadata names that are in the database but not surfaced in the app at the moment?

Update: I figured out where they went. Now, some of the fields that I was using as custom metadata before are considered as “Properties”. I can view them in the column view by turning them on using the “Customize metadata”, but I can not select the information or edit the information in these “properties”. Is there any way I get this info out of the uneditable properties so that I can move it into an editable custom metadata field?

Thanks in advance!

Document properties are always available (depending on the document) and might have similar or the same names. However, properties can only be changed in the Document > Properties inspector but not in List view columns. Only the custom metadata defined in Preferences > Data is editable in List views too. Do you use another Mac where the right setup is still available?

Thank you for the reply, @cgrunenberg. This is my only Mac, but I found the metadata that I had edited in the Document → Properties inspector as you suggested (as opposed to the Info → Custom inspector as they used to be).

Thank you very much for your assistance!