Disappearing DEVONthink Pro message window

When I transfer an online PDF to DEVONthink Pro using the Print dialogue a DEVONthink message pops up but disappears from the screen in a second or less. Although the transfer process works OK I’d really quite like to know what the message says but in the short time it appears I can’t manage to read it. Any ideas what this is and why it can’t appear for long enough to read?

Mac Studio M2 running Ventura 13.4.1, DEVONthink Pro 3.9.2 - but it occurred with earlier versions of DEVONthink Pro and earlier versions of the OS in an Intel Mac.

It’s likely not from DEVONthink at all. I’m guessing it’s from the operating system. Use Shift-Command-5 to record a screencast of the process and you can pause while watching it. I’d bet it’s an automation request and again, not controlled by DEVONthink.

If it is, keep your finger hovering over the Return key, pront your PDF, and tap the Return key the moment the dialog appears. This effectively presses the default button, which allows the interaction.

Thanks; I can’t get that to work as after I’ve tried it a couple of times the dialogue no longer appears. But I think you’re right in suggesting it comes from the OS. The first few words read something like:
‘DEVONthink wants to…’
But whatever it is it doesn’t matter as the PDF gets transferred to DEVONthink with no problem,

The gatekeeper in macOS is still fiddly all these years later… sigh.
Glad you’re getting your PDF either way.